Liz Terwilliger Announces Candidacy for Congress for the 12th District

“We need more participation, not less, so we can have a government that is of the people rather than one that is imposed upon them”

On April 2nd supporters gathered at multiple events to hear Liz Terwilliger announce her candidacy for congress here in the 12th District. Liz is planning to run as the Libertarian candidate and has plans to promote sweeping changes in her district.

Her announcement speech emphasized the sad state of affairs that she wants to address. “Every time I turn around it seems there’s another behemoth legislative package being proposed or pushed through Congress, explained Liz, “Giant packages of legislation hiding untold overreach and spending in their hundreds of pages!”.

Liz went on to bemoan the laundry list of pushes being considered by Congress, including expanding gun control, more lockdowns and other restrictions on liberty, using the past year’s pandemic as an excuse. “Now there is talk of requiring Vaccine Passports,” observed Liz. “Politicians love to use any emergency as an excuse to create more restrictive laws on all of us.”

The key to representing District 12 in Congress is transparency, says Liz – something that is currently lacking. “Transparency is essential to an engaged electorate, Liz explained, “To me, transparency means knowing who’s behind a bill, the individuals and the special interests. It means knowing what’s in a bill before it is passed into law. It means clear, concise legislation on a single topic so that we, the people, know what’s being debated and are empowered to join the conversation.”

“We need people to feel empowered, to join in the conversation, to feel included and welcome. We need more participation, not less, so we can have a government that is of the people rather than one that is imposed upon them,” said Liz.

Supporters enthusiastically applauded when Liz vowed to “use the megaphone of office to champion the Libertarian principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility, of fiscal conservatism and non-aggression…. I will work to repeal laws that infringe upon our freedoms and will motion to amend legislative packages to remove unrelated items, excess spending or provisions that restrict our liberties.”

Liz will be focusing on building community consensus through the district. Her committee has been working with local partners to promote volunteerism and self-sufficiency. In the coming weeks there will be opportunities for the public to speak personally with Liz to voice their opinions and learn about how she intends to promote the idea of personal freedom throughout her community.

Get Together at the Park

April 24th, after our Clean Up project at the park, it will be nice to have some time to relax and get to know each other. You don’t have to come for the Clean Up to join the Meet Up!
Come meet Liz Terwilliger, Libertarian candidate for US House of Representatives (2022). Share some food and your thoughts/perspective on what’s important to you. Liz will be happy listen and to talk about her campaign to restore representation the people of the 12th District.
There is no cost to join us!
Light refreshments will be provided.

3pm Saturday April 24, 2021

Marysville Lions Club Park

Picnic Area by the Playground

RSVP here:

Clean Up at Marysville Lions Club Park

Join us April 24th to Celebrate Earth Day and give back a little to the community by clearing brush and cleaning up litter around the pond at the Marysville Lions Club Park.
There will be 3 projects we’ll be working on at this event.
1. Clear vines and low vegetation that is crowding David’s Walk.
2. Trash cleanup on the bank.
3. Cutting the low scrub around the pond.
Bring work gloves, clippers or loppers and dress for the weather.
We’ll be meeting in the parking area on the south side of the pond at 10am and working until we’re done.

By the pond at Marysville Lions Club Park

102 Park Drive, Marysville, PA 17053

10a Saturday, April 24, 2021

RSVP to join us here: S

Meet & Greet at Marzoni’s

Join us April 18th for good food and stimulating conversation at Marzoni’s Brick Oven & Brewing Co in Selinsgrove!

Meet Liz Terwilliger who is seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for U.S. House of Representatives from PA’s 12th Congressional District. Share what’s important to you and find out where she stands on issues you care about.

Marzoni’s Brick Oven & Brewing Co.

834 N. Susquehanna Trail, Selinsgrove, PA

Sunday, April 18th 12:30pm-3:30pm

Please RSVP so we know who many to expect using this form

Susquehanna River Clean Up Team

April 18th, for a #DayofService Liz Terwilliger will be leading a team for the Susquehanna River Cleanup Project’s Cleanup Event.

Join our team at the Sunbury Boat Launch at 8:30am on April 18th for this event! Complete this form to join us!

Learn more about the event visit the Susquehanna River Cleanup Project’s event
Sign up with our team thru the ticketing link or here

Salt Springs Clean Up Team

Salt springs state park montrose pa susquehanna county

Join us Saturday, April 17th at 9am, as we join Friends of Salt Springs Park to Clean Up the Park! Salt Springs State Park is a beautiful park north of Montrose in Susquehanna County, PA.

Friends of Salt Springs will provide food, beverages, and a T-shirt to all who come out and help with annual chores like:–Rake lawns and flowerbeds–Paint signs–Split, haul, and stack firewood–Dig out fire pits–Scrub picnic tables and interpretive signs–Pick up twigs, branches, stones, trash, flood debris from the campgrounds –Clean out the salt spring–Walk the trails and pick up and prune as needed–Clean up the vegetable garden–And, of course, “much more”! Visit their Facebook post for more information: Click Here

To join us, complete this form.

Rain Date! Hygiene Pop Up

Join us Sunday, April 25th as we distribute the personal care and hygiene items that we collected from community doantions during the March drive. We are holding this the event on our rain date, Sunday April 25th, due to forecasts of thunderstorms for 4/11. The pantry will be held at noon in the parking lot of Hughes Notary Service (706 S. Lehigh Ave, Sayre, PA).

We will be setting up tables with personal care items grouped by category. Each teenager and adult will be given a brown paper bag into which they will place the items of their choosing. This is 1st come first serve, beginning at Noon, not earlier. There will be a limit of 1 bag per person.

Thank you to all of the businesses and individuals who participated in our March Hygiene Drive! We had originally intended to pre-pack kits to distribute, but the donations we received are to varied to allow for that.

Hygiene Pop Up Pantry

The Liz Terwilliger for Congress Committee, with the help of area businesses collected personal hygiene products to aid the local community during the month of March. These products will be distributed this Sunday, April 11th at 12 pm at a ‘Pop-Up Pantry” event.

The pantry will be held in the parking lot of Hughes Notary Service (706 S. Lehigh Ave, Sayre, PA). Members of the Liz Terwilliger for Congress Committee will be on hand to direct visitors to park and fill a brown bag, provided, with free personal care products. In the event of rain, the event will be will postponed until Sunday April 25th.

The Committee will distribute donations collected from bins that had been set up throughout the area. These are critically needed items that will be useful to local families that need them. “It is easy to forget that personal care items are a luxury to individuals and families in difficult financial times like these,” explained Liz Terwilliger. “To address this need, we partnered with local businesses to allow people to donate shampoo, shaving cream, tissues, tampons and other personal products.”

Liz and team are thrilled at the support received by the businesses and shoppers who helped. Liz said, “I’d like to send a big Thank you to all of the businesses and individuals who participated in our March Hygiene Drive! We had originally intended to pre-pack kits to distribute, but the donations we received are too varied to allow for that, so we will be sorting donations according to type, for example shampoo, soaps, feminine hygiene products, etc.”

Items will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, one bag per person. Weather permitting, visitors are advised to come at noon if possible. Learn about volunteering for future community events here:

Liz Terwilliger is running for Congress in the 15 counties of the 12th District. As a Libertarian, Liz emphasizes the importance of personal initiative and individual action. This Personal Care and Hygiene Drive is an example of this philosophy


smash the duopoly with Liz Terwilliger for Congress at the Break Room in Williamsport

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is electing the same two parties over and over and expecting a different result.

Join Liz Terwilliger as she begins her fight to topple to two party system, aka the Duopoly or the Republicrats, with a little smash therapy at The Break Room of Williamsport at 1:30pm on April 3rd!

At The Break Room, we’ll be smashing the contents of the bucket of breakables (included in ticket price). Additional breakables may be purchased on site as well as duopoly themed smash targets. Follow this link for a short smashing video.

Four people can be in a Break Room at one time. The Break Room has a free arcade game space where we can socialize and play games while others are smashing.

Safety equipment is provided by the venue. We will be respecting Coronavirus restrictions.

Tickets $15 each or 2 for $25!

RSVP by 4/1!


In the March Newsletter…

Liz Terwilliger delivers donation bin to area businesses

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of my campaign.

Since the PA budget season is in full swing, in this edition of the newsletter I have invited Ryan Bourinski, Libertarian Party candidate for Northumberland County Controller, to share his thoughts on the economy.

I want to thank everyone who helped to make our February organ donation awareness and food pantry event in Sayre, PA a success! Thanks to food donated by Child Hunger Outreach Partners in Towanda, PA, we were able to provide a month’s supply of food to 50 families. We shared information about other sources of food in the community as well as information on organ donation with those 50 families and others that arrived after we ran out of food. Special thanks to the two local families who shared their stories about being organ recipients.

We are in the midst of our March Personal Care and Hygiene Drive. My Campaign Committee has partnered with the Lycoming County Libertarian Committee and the Libertarian Party of Tioga County (PA) for this event. In all three counties businesses are volunteering to be donation drop off locations. In Bradford and Tioga Counties we will be distributing donated items in the form of personal kits at a pop-up pantry style event in early April. In Lycoming County, donations will be distributed to the YWCA in Williamsport. We will continue placing collection bins at participating businesses throughout the month of March. The bins will be out through March 28th, when we plan to collect them and begin distribution. I hope you can join us in this event. You can follow what’s happening by clicking here.

On April 2nd we will be holding a special event at Bald Birds Brewing Company in Jersey Shore, PA to officially kick off my run for the Libertarian Party nomination for the 12th Congressional District seat in 2022. I hope you can join us for an evening of fun as we kick off our campaign at our Restoring Liberty event! Learn more and register to join us by clicking here.

Please contact us with your ideas for ways we can positively impact your community!

   ~Liz Terwilliger