What We Need: Community Mental Health Forum II

June is Men’s Health Month.

On the Wednesday before Father’s Day, we will be holding our 2nd Mental Health Forum, with a focus on Men and boys.

Share your concerns and ideas for improving mental health and mental health supports in our community.

We will be building on our first forum and welcoming new people into the conversation, new perspectives and new ideas for taking action to create change.

This event is FREE!

Join us for all or for part of the discussion.

We will have both in person and virtual participation again.

Please register if you plan to join us!

If you are joining us virtually, we will email you the meeting info.


Perspectives on Freedom

Saturday 9/18/21 & Sunday 9/19/21

Bald Birds Brewing Company

220 Shafer Lane, Jersey Shore, PA 17740

Liz Terwilliger for Congress aims to increase public engagement in conversations about issues that affect our freedoms. To that end, the LT4C campaign committee is hosting Perspectives on Freedom where guest speakers and members of the public will converge on a variety of topics via moderated break-out sessions in a “reverse town hall” style format featuring facilitated, open and respectful discussions.

Because space in each break out session is limited, we are assigning numbers to registrants. The earlier you register, the lower your number will be! The lower your number the higher your priority in session selection. We’ll be doing specific session selection in August. Register today to get your number!


Community Mental Health Forum Series – A Great Beginning

Williamsport what we need community mental Health forum led by Liz Terwilliger hosted by the Break Room

On Sunday, May 23rd the first in a series of community discussions about mental health was launched in Williamsport, Pa. The forum was conducted both in-person and on-line to allow as many participants to attend as possible. The discussion was led by Liz Terwilliger, Libertarian candidate for Congress (12th District). The Break Room, a business focused on safe and fun ways to release stress and negative emotions hosted the event.

“The difficult times we all experienced this past year has highlighted the need for more attention to the mental health of our community,” said Liz. “These forums are needed to allow members of our community to identify what we need so that we can work together with area organizations and our representatives to find solutions that fit our unique needs.”

The discussion at the forum was far-reaching; conversation ranged from barriers to accessing care, qualifications and requirements placed on providers, and the stigma of mental illness and of seeking help. Also discussed were the preconceived ideas about individuals with mental illness and specific diagnoses and the recent increase in teen suicide.

As discussion around the stigma of mental illness and of seeking help gelled, Liz summarized the sentiment of the discussion, “I am not weak because I need help. I am strong because I sought the help I need.” This sentiment, changing the way we think and talk about mental health and wellness permeated the discussion.

Special attention was given by the group to our unique challenges living in a rural are. “A consensus from participants was the challenge in some of our district due to distance of mental health providers who are taking new patients, who covered by insurance or just finding any at all.”

Some participants identified cultural barriers they had personally experienced, such as hesitance to seek help due to fear of losing one’s guns or fear of what others in their family or community might think or say about them.

In each area the group discussed concerns and needs in depth and developed an action plan which will be acted on in coming weeks. The next Forum was scheduled for June 16th from 11am-1pm at the Lewisburg Farmers Market. For updates and more information, visit the Events and the Issues pages at lizterwilligerforcongress.org.