Liz Terwilliger Announces Candidacy for Congress for the 12th District

“We need more participation, not less, so we can have a government that is of the people rather than one that is imposed upon them”

On April 2nd supporters gathered at multiple events to hear Liz Terwilliger announce her candidacy for congress here in the 12th District. Liz is planning to run as the Libertarian candidate and has plans to promote sweeping changes in her district.

Her announcement speech emphasized the sad state of affairs that she wants to address. “Every time I turn around it seems there’s another behemoth legislative package being proposed or pushed through Congress, explained Liz, “Giant packages of legislation hiding untold overreach and spending in their hundreds of pages!”.

Liz went on to bemoan the laundry list of pushes being considered by Congress, including expanding gun control, more lockdowns and other restrictions on liberty, using the past year’s pandemic as an excuse. “Now there is talk of requiring Vaccine Passports,” observed Liz. “Politicians love to use any emergency as an excuse to create more restrictive laws on all of us.”

The key to representing District 12 in Congress is transparency, says Liz – something that is currently lacking. “Transparency is essential to an engaged electorate, Liz explained, “To me, transparency means knowing who’s behind a bill, the individuals and the special interests. It means knowing what’s in a bill before it is passed into law. It means clear, concise legislation on a single topic so that we, the people, know what’s being debated and are empowered to join the conversation.”

“We need people to feel empowered, to join in the conversation, to feel included and welcome. We need more participation, not less, so we can have a government that is of the people rather than one that is imposed upon them,” said Liz.

Supporters enthusiastically applauded when Liz vowed to “use the megaphone of office to champion the Libertarian principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility, of fiscal conservatism and non-aggression…. I will work to repeal laws that infringe upon our freedoms and will motion to amend legislative packages to remove unrelated items, excess spending or provisions that restrict our liberties.”

Liz will be focusing on building community consensus through the district. Her committee has been working with local partners to promote volunteerism and self-sufficiency. In the coming weeks there will be opportunities for the public to speak personally with Liz to voice their opinions and learn about how she intends to promote the idea of personal freedom throughout her community.

About Liz Terwilliger

Liz Terwilliger, MA, CCC-SLP, is an Early Intervention speech-language pathologist who has been working with families in Northern PA for more than 17 years.

I am running for Congress because I’m tired of the partisanship, the name calling and the bully tactics in politics today.

I believe we, the People, need to take back our government from career politicians. I believe we need representatives who respect the Constitution and respect each other. I believe we need Representatives, not Politicians.

Liz Terwilliger with her husband, Chris, and Ritchie


Liz and Chris (her husband of 27 years) live in Warren Center, PA (in Bradford County) with their chocolate lab, Ritchie. Chris is an artist and the owner of Woodland Art by Chris Terwilliger.

Liz has two step-children, Jason and Jessica, and four grandchildren, Raven (20), Drake (18), Christopher (6) and Arya (6). Liz and Chris also raised their nephews, Sean and Tyler, who are grown with families of their own.

Volunteer Activities

2020-Present Libertarian Party of Bradford County

1st Vice Chair

Representative to the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

2017-Present Walk for Our Buddies


2015-Present Carter Lackey Memorial Miles

Event Coordinator

Work History

2003-Present Self Employed

Speech Language Pathologist (aka Speech Therapist, aka Speech Teacher) in private practice, currently contracted to provide Early Intervention (Birth to 3) services to families in Bradford and Sullivan Counties. Over the years, Liz has also provided services to families in Tioga, Susquehanna, Potter and McKean Counties in PA.


Speech Language Pathologist providing services to adults with developmental disabilities in their homes, work and day treatment settings at what was United Cerebral Palsy of Chemung County, and is now Able2, in Horseheads, NY.