SMASH for Charity

Beginning at 5:30pm, join us for a Social Mixer in The Break Room lounge and adjoining restaurant for light refreshments and good conversation with many of our guest speakers for Perspectives on Freedom. No pre-registration required. A $10 donation is requested at the door to cover help cover expenses. Any proceeds from the Mixer will be split between the two charities.

SMASH: Beginning at 7pm (Space is Limited)
Register for a 15-minute SMASH session in either Spike’s Room or Tasha’s Room in The Break Room!

SMASH Premium Registration: $35 An individual 15 minute SMASH session, just you plus either Spike or Tasha in the room.

SMASH Regular Registration: $20 A 15 minute SMASH session, you plus 2 other regular registrants in the room with either Spike or Tasha.

Who will raise the most $ for their charity? Spike’s Charity is Transitional Living Centers, Inc. Tasha’s is A Community Clinic, Inc.

Tasha’s Room
Spike’s Room

For both registration options you will get with a plate you can write on and other items to smash with a baseball bat! You must sign the liability waiver to participate. The Break Room provides all safety equipment.

All proceeds from the SMASH for Charity & Mixer benefit Transitional Living Centers, Inc of Williamsport, PA and A Community Clinic, Inc of Sunbury, PA. Click on their names to visit their websites.