10,000 Ballots

The Supreme Court has rejected the cases related to the 2020 election in Pennsylvania and other states. With questions still unanswered about whether or not changes to election procedures in Pennsylvania were constitutional, I am disappointed that the court won’t be ruling on these cases.

More disturbing to me than not having a settled answer on questions from the 2020 Pennsylvania election is the uncounted ballots. So called “late-arriving ballots” were ordered to be set aside by a prior court ruling and were not counted due to ongoing litigation. As of today, they “have not yet been counted.” The fact that it’s “only” about 10,000 ballots and wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the Presidential election, rings hollow to me. In our electoral system we argue that every vote matters. We should count every legitimate vote.

We should have a final ruling on whether these 10,000 or so votes, representing 10,000 or so Pennsylvanians, are legitimate. Would they have impacted races other than the Presidential race? They were set aside in whole, not counted for any purpose. We are setting a precedent for counting votes. The Supreme Court should have ruled on this.

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