20 and Change

20 and Change for Change in 22!

One thing that’s evident from the news these days is that things are changing. We need change. Big change. We need representatives for the people, not politicians. Representatives who put their constituents above party politics and personal power.

I intend to bring this change to the House of Representatives in 2022. Together we will bring true representation back to the House of Representatives with your support.

Please help me reach our first goal of building an operating reserve for the work ahead by donating $20.22 to Liz Terwilliger for Congress. We need your support to spread the message of liberty and true representation!

There is a lot of work ahead of us! I look forward to working with the people of Pennsylvania to create the change we need.

Thank you for your support,

~Liz Terwilliger

Liz Terwilliger is preparing to run for Congress in 2022! She is preparing to fight for a Libertarian WIN.

For only $20 and Change, we can make change in 2022!