Liz Terwilliger believes that we need to return the House of Representatives to the People. What we have now are politicians representing political parties. What we need are individuals representing their neighbors, individuals who listen to, are engaged with and are accountable to the People in their District.

We need Representatives, not politicians.

Liz Terwilliger is seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for a seat in the US House of Representatives from what is currently Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District to return the House to the People.

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“This is the type of candidate we need to support. A true Libertarian who can present ideas that the voting public is ready to support. Liz Terwilliger has a real chance of winning, as evidenced by the support that is growing for her candidacy. I have never met a Libertarian candidate who has worked so hard to gain recognition in her district. I support Liz wholeheartedly in her bid to become the next Libertarian member of congress.” Stephen Wahrhaftig Chair, Libertarian Party of Chester County, Pa.

Liz Terwilliger for Congress

US House of Representatives from PA 12th Congressional District.

PA 12th Congressional District
PA 12th Congressional District